ACSA seeks to provide forums for diverse members of the cheer sport community to raise and discuss key issues, and will initially be forming Advisory Panels to provide strategic and representative voice to our stakeholders.
A major role of the advisory panels is to provide advice and opinions to the Board on issues, questions, concerns or ideas brought forth by ACSA members and we are looking to draw on the considerable expertise in our sector to assist us.
  • Gym Owners Advisory Panel: Where relevant, the board will seek feedback from Gym Owners. Their feedback will be tabled at the relevant meeting or forum, and used in decision making. Any Gym Owner can nominate to participate, and ACSA will review Gym Owner status. At this early stage of ACSA, Gym Owners will act as a conduit for the voice of Coaches, Parents and Athletes.
  • Event Sanctioning Panel: Responsible for setting and auditing ACSA event sanctioning standards.
  • Education Panel: Assist with the development of education support for all coaches and judges including a clear accreditation framework and competency maintenance program.