ACSA is pleased to advise that we have been working with the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing and received confirmation that our Cheer & Dance community in South Australia are eligible to register as a provider for the Sports Vouchers Program.

The Sports Vouchers program is a Government of South Australia initiative administered by the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing.


The program provides an opportunity for primary school aged children from Reception to Year 7 to receive up to a $50 discount on sports membership/registration fees.

The Government of South Australia has recently approved an increase in the Voucher from $50 to up to $100, in addition to expanding the program to Dance groups. These changes take effect from 1 January 2019 (2019 Voucher).

The purpose is to increase the number of children playing organised sport by reducing cost as a barrier to participate.
For more information please visit:

If your club/dance/cheer school is a for-profit and registered business, you are eligible to apply as a registered dance business (non-sport).

To register please visit and select “provider registration”

  1. Under what type of provider are you – “registered dance business (non-sport)”

  2. Type the name of your registered business

  3. Type the legal name of your business as listed on ASIC

  4. Insert your ABN

  5. Main form of dance you provide – “Dance-Cheer”
  6. What dance group are you affiliated with? – “Australian Cheer Sport Alliance (ACSA)”

Complete the rest of the form with your postal address and contact details.