Update 22 March 2020: Please refer to updated ACSA_COVID_19_Recommendations_22_3_20

22 March 2020: As many of you will be aware the NSW and Victorian State Governments will be ordering a shutdown of non-essential services over the next 48 hours. This will include cheer gyms and dance studios in these States. The NSW and Victorian Premiers have advised they will provide further information tomorrow (Monday 23rd)

Please refer to your State Government websites for the latest and official information.
ACSA has engaged an employment lawyer to seek further guidance on the implications on staff and will provide this to Gym and Studio Owners as soon as it is available. We are also working on further support materials to help gyms and studios.
We urge everyone to adhere to the Australian and State Government advice as well as support each other through this unprecedented situation.

Victorian Government Statement: https://www.premier.vic.gov.au/statement-from-the-premier-32/
NSW Government Statement: https://www.nsw.gov.au/your-government/the-premier/media-releases-from-the-premier/statement-from-the-nsw-premier-gladys-berejiklian/

20 MARCH 2020: We understand people’s concern given the potential seriousness of the situation, but ask our community not to panic, and instead listen to evidence-based, real-time advice of health professionals and government officials.  

While coronavirus is of concern, it is important to remember that unless there is an imminent threat of exposure in your area, most people displaying symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat or tiredness are likely suffering from a cold or other respiratory illness – not coronavirus.

We are working with our Gym Owners to ensure their locations are as prepared as they can be and have provided the ACSA HYGIENE GUIDELINES for their implementation. Click on the PDF attachment below to download.

In addition, the following information provides the latest updates from the Australian Dept of Health and may be of use to print out and place at the gym


It may also be beneficial to note that now that the WHO has now declared COVID-19 as a pandemic what exactly is that as fear the public will now see that as being more dangerous than what the term actually means.

So what is a pandemic, exactly? 

The classical definition doesn’t consider the severity of the disease. It’s more about geography, specifically denoting a disease that spreads globally and infects a large number of people. 

A widespread yet relatively mild illness, therefore, could still be classified as a pandemic whereas in contrast, an endemic disease is isolated to a particular area, and an epidemic is a sudden increase in the number of cases in that area.

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