Thank you to all gym owners/coaches for your participation and feedback at our recent ACSA NSO & CONSTITUTION DEVELOPMENT WEBINARs.

In general, the main points the community raised were:

  • Consistency of coach credentialing, rules and scoring across EPs
  • The need for a Sports Australia recognised NSO is of secondary importance to having a body (either NSO or Peak Body) which focuses on the continued growth of the sport and aids clubs with increased participation
  • Improved communication and community involvement from ACSA on current & future goals and plans
  • There was overwhelming support for a Unitary governance model

It is important to note that ACSA was not formed as an NSO as in 2017, GA were the recognised NSO for cheer/dance. ACSA was thus formed as a Peak Body to provide a national & international voice and leadership forum for All Star Cheer & Dance and to stimulate, encourage and promote the sport within Australia, and to uphold the interests of coaches, gym owners, athletes and event producers.

We used the USASF/IASF as a model (as USASF is not a recognised ICU Governing body but is the body responsible to administer the USA commercial All Star market) and primarily undertook to ensure standardised rules, safety guidelines and competition standards and establishing a training curriculum and accreditation process for coaches and judges for the commercial All Star market.

ACSA have worked diligently on these core tenets and are pleased to advise the ACSA Board and Committees have been hard at work formulating & delivering the following initiatives:

  • ACSA Rules Committee is proud to have consulted with ACSA’s Gym Owners Advisory Group (GOAG) and our Event Producer (EP) members to formulate a brand new 2019 ACSA Scoring & Rules Cheer System specific to our Australian requirements. This was a huge task incorporating the latest IASF amendments and feedback from our All Star community and we are confident that by having a common Scoring System which is utilised by all ACSA member EPs that it will go a long way to ensuring consistency and professionalism within our sport.

  • In addition, ACSA is conducting Judges training on the new ACSA Cheer Scoring system (Panel and Deductions, includes Novice), IASF Cheer judging, and University judging scoresheet for all ACSA member EP’s to ensure more consistent scoring across multiple championships.

  • In conjunction with the IASF we have conducted 2019 Legality Official/Judges training in January attended by staff from multiple member EPs

  • ACSA have been working with the IASF on ensuring that IASF Coach Credentialing is controlled and consistency of education and testing is ensured across all EP accredited credentialing staff with 2019 IASF Coach Credentialing being currently undertaken across the country with second round testing available Feb-May.

We are very pleased with the progress we have made on achieving these core goals and will ensure that future developments/initiatives are communicated and assistance in instigating is sought from the community we serve.

Please bear in mind that unlike other NSO or similar bodies, the ACSA Board and Committees are all volunteers who have their own full time jobs or business to run but are committed to dedicating their time and efforts to ensure the continued growth of our sport.

Where to now?

At this point, ACSA will continue in its role of emulating the USASF in being the Peak Body for the industry’s All Star commercial interests (Gym Owners, Coaches, Athletes, Event Producers) but has initiated the process of evolving its structure/constitution to a more NSO Unitary model should circumstances change.

Board Members have begun formulating a Unitary constitution & Strategic Plan which will be circulated to all stakeholders (Gym Owners & EP’s) for review, comments and feedback before adoption at our AGM in June.

We reiterate that ACSA support the hard work the ICU are doing worldwide in ensuring that our sport is recognised as an independent sport and not managed by another sporting entity.

Please be assured that the work of ACSA will continue, as it has since its conception, in the promotion and development of Australia All Star Cheer and Dance programs and coaches throughout the country. ACSA will collaborate with the ICU - and also directly with the IASF as ACSA has over these past years.

We thank you all for your support and look forward to working together to ensure the continued growth and development of All Star Cheer & Dance in Australia and look forward to your continued involvement