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When programs attend ACSA Sanctioned Events, they can be assured that their athletes, coaches and parents are attending events that comply with the sport’s best safety practices.

Event producers must provide minimum safety standards before their events qualify as ACSA Sanctioned.

The Event Sanctioning Standards list 4 specific areas where minimum standards must be met in order to qualify as an ACSA Sanctioned Event. Each of these areas provides the benefit of a safer environment for athletes.

For an event company to host an ACSA Sanctioned Event, they must be in business for at least 3 years. Documentation and proof of hosting legitimate and safe events must be provided to ACSA before approval.

All of the minimum standards required for an event company to host a Sanctioned Event contribute to an overall environment of safety and protection of our athletes.

To ensure the continued safety and legitimacy of our sport, please check to make sure your athletes are only attending ACSA Sanctioned Event.