Welcome to the Australian Cheer Sport Alliance

ACSA has been formed to formalise the role that the sports key stakeholders (coaches, gym owners and event producers) have been delivering over the last 10 years – being to stimulate, encourage and promote the sport within Australia – and seeks to be the pre-eminent organisation taking responsibility for the development of the sport on a National level.

Our Members

ACSA’s members are Australia’s leading stakeholders in the sport of performance cheer and represent the majority of the deliverers of the sport.

Supporting Our Industry

ACSA provides a wide range of resources and policies that promote, develop and support the All Star Cheer & Dance industry in Australia.

Resources available on the ACSA website include policy templates, forms, recommendations and other documents.


Joint Statement from ACSA Board and Chairperson

Dear ACSA Members and the All Star Cheer and Dance Community, It is with both sadness and gratitude that we announce Stephen James has stepped down from the role of Chairperson and the Board of ACSA as of 16 August 2021. Steve was one of the founding members of ACSA...

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ACSA establishes guidelines for best practices in areas of All Star which is important to the integrity of the sport. One of its core principles is the establishing of standardised rules, safety guidelines and competition standards.

An important initiative created by ACSA to further its goal of providing the safest possible environment for cheer/dance athletes to train and compete is the release of the ACSA Cheer & Dance Event Sanctioning Standards.

This means all ACSA Member Event Producers who conduct cheer or dance competitions must meet the minimum standards in order for their competitions to be sanctioned.

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