Learn more about ACSA’s board, our mission and how we’re supporting the Allstar Cheer and Dance industry in Australia.

AUSTRALIAN CHEER SPORT ALLIANCE (ACSA) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation for Australian cheer sport.

ACSA has been formed to formalise the role that the sports key stakeholders (coaches, gym owners and event producers) have been delivering over the last 10 years – being to stimulate, encourage and promote the sport within Australia – and seeks to be the pre-eminent organisation taking responsibility for the development of the sport on a National level.

The ACSA board is made up of respected leaders in our sport along with strategic appointees who bring vast skills and experience on Not for Profit boards. ACSA’s members are Australia’s leading stakeholders in the sport of performance cheer and represents the majority of the deliverers of the sport. Our stakeholders represent 72,000 participants and over 2,800 coaches, and conduct 39 championships across Australia.

ACSA is committed to being an inclusive and collaborative body, providing all interested and qualified stakeholders in the industry an opportunity to be involved.

Our Constitution

Last Updated:
20th December, 2019


ACSA exists to stimulate, encourage and promote the sport within Australia, and to uphold the interests of coaches, gym owners, athletes and event producers.

Of priority for ACSA will be:

Establishing standardised rules, safety guidelines and competition standards.
Promoting our sport to the wider community and foster growth within our grassroot initiatives & encourage and develop the growth of performance cheer & dance programs.
Establish a training curriculum and accreditation process for coaches and judges. ACSA will aim for these programs to be certified and they will be based on the current Industry standard accreditation. It will facilitate IASF accreditation for coaches with teams travelling internationally.
Effective representation and lobbying of our industry & government affairs.
Identify further priorities and establish sub-committees as necessary to address.


The ACSA board is made up of respected leaders in our sport along with strategic appointees who bring vast skills and experience on Not for Profit boards. ACSA’s members are Australia’s leading stakeholders in the sport of performance cheer and represents the majority of the deliverers of the sport.

Edward Miles


Edward has been a part of the Australian cheer industry since 2011 as a gym owner, and from 2013 onwards as a coach. Edward’s significant business and marketing background is a key driver for his involvement in ACSA. He aims to encourage the promotion of our sport nationally and set up long lasting communication between each part of our industry towards becoming a wider community working towards the same goals.

Jordan Otto-Wilson

Vice Chairperson

Jordan is not only a successful and active cheer athlete and coach but brings to the Board significant legal expertise and experience with State & Federal Governments which we feel will be invaluable to ACSA’s mission moving forward. Jordan sees that with the ACSA, he has an opportunity to use his professional skills to give something back to our community. He believes having a strong, engaged governing body is essential to the future growth and legitimacy of cheerleading in Australia.

Tamara Manning

Tamara Manning


Tamara Manning has twenty years in the All-Star Cheer Industry. This, plus teaching Dance and Gymnastics for another twelve years prior, means she has been part of this sport since the beginning. Tamara is an active member of ACSA, partaking in writing of policies and documents, as well as on the CADAC committee. Tamara has been an athlete, coach, gym owner, judge, parent, choreographer, educator, and event provider, during her time in the cheer industry, and is proud to add ACSA board member to this list. Her skills and background, along with her passion and drive to see this sport continue its growth will offer valuable insights. Added with her understanding of rules and guidelines she can offer a voice to ensure that as we move forward, we are a well-balanced team. Tamara is extremely passionate about educating and preparing our coaches and judges and works throughout Australia to promote our sport. All-Star Cheer and Dance makes a difference in children’s lives, this makes Tamara strive to ensure that our sport is developed with the Australian athletes as the central focus alongside the international opportunities they deserve.

Danielle Jimenez

Danielle Jimenez

Board Member

Danielle is the proud Managing Director of CheerCon along with her husband Alexander Jimenez. Danielle has been involved in Cheer & Dance for 16 years and was the original owner and head coach at Starlets Cheerleading in Sydney, sold in 2017 after 13 successful years. Danielle was also part of the GNSW Cheerleading committee in previous years. Prior to entering the world of Cheer & Dance Danielle worked as a Sales Manager & National Product Manager for a large IT company in Sydney bringing years of customer service experience to the Board. Danielle is passionate about the healthy growth of Cheer & Dance through the combination of Gym owners, EP’s and valued experts in our Local and International community working together towards common goals.
Emma Vasudevan

Emma Vasudevan

Board Member

Emma has been involved in the cheerleading industry for 12 years, primarily as a gym owner. She has significant experience in risk management, including stakeholder engagement, both in her current role and previously as an engineer. Emma has a deep interest in improving the industry through collaboration with cheerleading gyms around Australia.
Danelle Cooney

Danelle Cooney

Board Member

Danelle is the Co-Owner and Program Director of Melbourne Cheer Academy. Danelle won the 2019 AASCF Mentor of the Year award and her work so far on the ACSA board as the first gym owner representative has included policy development, education for gym owners and advocating for vulnerable groups. Danelle is passionate about representing and supporting gym owners and coaches and assisting them to build a community focused on the protection and positive development of the children and young people in our sport.


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