Learn more about ACSA’s board, our mission and how we’re supporting the Allstar Cheer and Dance industry in Australia.

AUSTRALIAN CHEER SPORT ALLIANCE (ACSA) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that delivers guidance and policy for the Australian Cheer and Dance community.

ACSA was formed in 2017 by a number of event producers to formalise the role that the sports key stakeholders (coaches, gym owners and event producers) had been delivering over the previous 10 years – to stimulate, standardise and promote the sport within Australia. 5 years on, the organisation has evolved into the pre-eminent organisation taking responsibility for the development and administration of the sport nationally at all levels.

ACSA’s members are Australia’s leading stakeholders in the sport of performance cheer and dance, representing the vast majority of the sports participants. Our club and event members represent over 70,000 participants, over 2,500 coaches, and conduct over 25 events across Australia each year.

ACSA is committed to being an inclusive and collaborative body, providing all interested and qualified stakeholders in the sport an opportunity to be involved.

As part of our overall operations, the ACSA committee framework is our organisations engine, harnessing expertise from all areas of our national community through volunteer committees (athletes, coaches, program managers and event producers are encouraged to join) that review and provide guidance on the sports foundations (technical, medical, education and all abilities). To find out more about our committees, click here.

Providing overarching vision and guidance to our organisation is our National board, which is made up of respected leaders in our sport along with strategic appointees who bring vast skills and experience on Not for Profit boards.


Our Constitution

Last Updated:
3rd June 2023


ACSA exists to stimulate, encourage and promote the sport within Australia, and to uphold the interests of coaches, gym owners, athletes and event producers.

Of priority for ACSA will be:

Establishing standardised rules, safety guidelines and competition standards.

Promoting our sport to the wider community and foster growth within our grassroot initiatives & encourage and develop the growth of performance cheer & dance programs.
Establish a training curriculum and accreditation process for coaches and judges. ACSA will aim for these programs to be certified and they will be based on the current Industry standard accreditation. It will facilitate IASF accreditation for coaches with teams travelling internationally.
Effective representation and lobbying of our industry & government affairs.
Identify further priorities and establish sub-committees as necessary to address.



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