About Australian Cheer Sport Alliance

AUSTRALIAN CHEER SPORT ALLIANCE (ACSA) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation for Australian cheer sport.
ACSA has been formed to formalise the role that the sports key stakeholders (coaches, gym owners and event producers) have been delivering over the last 10 years – being to stimulate, encourage and promote the sport within Australia – and seeks to be the pre-eminent organisation taking responsibility for the development of the sport on a National level.
The ACSA board is made up of respected leaders in our sport along with strategic appointees who bring vast skills and experience on Not for Profit boards.
ACSA’s members are Australia’s leading stakeholders in the sport of performance cheer and represents the majority of the deliverers of the sport.
Our stakeholders represent 72,000 participants and over 2800 coaches, and conduct 39 championships across Australia.
ACSA is committed to being an inclusive and collaborative body, providing all interested and qualified stakeholders in the industry an opportunity to be involved.